Swing Maxi™ Breast Pump

The new Swing Maxi is a portable, compact, and easy-to-use double electric breast pump made to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. This product is not for sale in the Medela Shop. Please check a national retailer or use our location finder to find a local store near you. Available Now! Hands-free Collection Cups are compatible with your Swing Maxi breast pump. Shop Now! New set of assembled Hands-free Collection Cups.
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Breast Pump Features & Benefits

  • Portable & Convenient: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 6 pumping sessions on one full charge and USB charging cable.
  • Compact and Portable Design: Improved mobility to allow you to be mobile while pumping.
  • All-in-one Solution: Designed for the active mom in mind including pump carry bag with integrated cooler and for your busy on-the-go lifestyle.
  • Lightweight: Weighs less than 1 pound.
  • Closed System:  Prevents milk from entering the tubing when using PersonalFit Flex™ connectors.  Use with other connectors can cause irreversible damage to your breast pump.
  • More Milk in Less Time: Research-based 2-Phase Expression Technology which produces more milk in less time for more efficient expression and maximum flow.
  • More Milk, More Comfort: PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield for increased comfort and 11.8% more milk*, 2 sizes included.
  • Easy to Assemble and Clean: Thanks to our new connector design with fewer parts.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Track your progress while pumping and view your personalized profile tailored to meet your needs with the Medela Family™ app.
  • Easy to Use: 4-button intuitive interface and 9 pre-programmed levels.

*Prime DK et al. 6th ABM Europe Conference, Rotterdam, NL; 2018.




The new Medela Swing Maxi is a compact, easy-to-use double electric breast pump designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and express more milk in less time, whenever and wherever you are.  With a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for up to six pumping sessions when fully charged and a cutting-edge USB type C adaptor for quick charging, you’ll never be without power.  Swing Maxi™ also offers intuitive, and hassle-free pumping with Bluetooth technology that lets you connect to the Medela Family app for pump session tracking, virtual milk storage, and nine pre-programmed settings that you can choose and control with four easy-to-use buttons.  With fewer parts cleaning your pump is a breeze.  Medela's 2-Phase Expression® technology mimics this natural sucking rhythm – fast to stimulate milk flow, then slower to provide optimal milk flow.   More comfortable pumping with the PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield. Includes two sizes of breast shields in 21 mm and 24 mm sizes with 105-degree opening angle, soft rim, and oval shape that puts less pressure on your milk ducts than traditional breast shields for a more effective and comfortable pumping experience. More comfort for you, with up to 11.8% more milk for your baby – clinically proven.

  • (1) Swing Maxi motor unit
  • (2) 150 ml storage bottle with lid
  • (2) bottle stand
  • (2) PersonalFit Flex™ connector
  • (2) PersonalFit Flex breast shield size 21 mm
  • (2) PersonalFit Flex breast shield size 24 mm
  • (1) Swing Maxi tubing
  • (1) Backpack with integrated cooler
  • (1) USB charging cable
  • (1) USB power adapter
  • (1) instructions for use
  • Bag color: black and grey
  • Power unit: 100-240 V~/50-60 Hz
  • Unit weight: .71 lbs
  • Unit size / package: 9.83 x 8.92 x 7.17 (H x L/W x D)
  • Warranty: 1 year limited on motor/90 days on other parts. Please contact Medela Customer Service for warranty replacement.


How do I pump hands-free with Swing Maxi?

Any Medela pump can be used hands-free with the Hands-free Pumping Bustier.

Are Medela pumps safe to use with an implanted cardiac defibrillator?

The Swing Maxi Breast Pump has passed the required EMC standards for medical devices; however, this testing is not specific to pacemakers. It is recommended that you consult with a licensed healthcare professional. The Medela Harmony® Manual Breast Pump | Medela  is always an option in case there is a concern with using an electric breast pump. Here is also a link with helpful information Devices that May Interfere with ICDs and Pacemakers | American Heart Association.

How long does the battery for Swing Maxi last at full charge (minutes / hours)?

The Swing Maxi battery will provide up to 1.5 hours of pumping time on a full charge.

How do I pair my Swing Maxi to Medela Family®?

Select the connect pump option in the top right corner in the Medela Family app.  Select Setup a new breast pump and then continue.  Select Swing Maxi from the pump options.  Begin the Bluetooth® pairing by pressing the Let-down button on the pump for two seconds.  The status light will pulse in blue to show that the breast pump is ready for pairing with your Bluetooth® device.  Confirm the pump selection as Swing Maxi by selecting next.  Once your pump is found you can select confirm to finish the set-up process.  You can choose to name your breast pump.  Once you’re ready, select done to complete the set-up process.

Do I have to fully charge the battery before using Swing Maxi for the first time?

We recommend fully charging the battery for 2 hours before using Swing Maxi for the first time. You can also pump while charging; however, it will charge in a slower mode when the pump is running during charging. Please refer to the Instructions for Use manual included with your Swing Maxi Breast Pump for more detailed information.

Can I use other connectors with the new Swing Maxi pump?

No, Swing is designed to work with PersonalFit Flex Connectors only as these unique parts are designed to be a closed system at the kit, which means its tubing.

Please note: Using connectors other than PersonalFit Flex Connectors (i.e. Symphony connector or Pump In Style Advanced original connectors, membranes, or), may cause milk back-up into the tubing and result in irreversible damage to your pump.

How many vacuum levels does the Swing Maxi have?

Swing Maxi offers 9 vacuum levels.

How long does it take to fully charge Swing Maxi?

It may take Swing Maxi up to 2 hours to fully charge. When the Swing Maxi is charging the status light will pulse in green.  When charging is complete the status light will show a steady green light. You can also check the battery charge level when you are connected to the Medela Family app.

What level does the Swing Maxi start in during Expression Phase?

When switching to expression (manually or automatic switch after 1 min) the level is decreased by 3 levels and gently ramps up to the level you were previously pumping at in Stimulation Phase. You can adjust suction levels by pressing +/- buttons on the controls at any time.

Is Swing Maxi considered a closed system?

Yes, the Swing Maxi Breast Pump is designed with Overflow Protection, a milk barrier that is placed at the breast shield connector to keep milk from passing into the tubing.

What level does the Swing Maxi start in during Stimulation Phase?

Swing Maxi pump starts in stimulation at level 4.

What kind of battery does Swing Maxi have?

The Swing Maxi includes a built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with the device.

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