Hands-free Collection Cups O-Rings

This 2-pack of O-Rings is designed for use with our Hands-free Collection Cups. Medela O-rings are great as a spare part or a replacement for worn or damaged O-rings. Compatible with Medela's standalone Hands-free Collection Cups. If you previously purchased the Freestyle Hands-free Breast Pump, please contact Customer Service for replacement breast shields.
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Features & Benefits

  • Authentic Medela Replacement Parts:  This 2-pack of Hands-free Collection Cups O-Ring is an authentic spare part made by Medela and designed to work with your Medela Hands-free Collection Cups
  • Compatibility: Works with Medela’s Hands-free Collection Cups. Not compatible with Collection Cups that were included with the Freestyle Hands-free Breast Pump.
  • Replace Regularly:  Medela recommends replacing your O-ring every 3-6 months, depending on your pumping frequency

Replacing your Hands free Collection Cups O Ring


Medela’s 2-pack of O-rings is designed for use with our Hands-free Collection Cups.  These O-rings are an authentic Medela spare part and they are compatible with the Hands-free Collection Cups that are sold separately from Medela breast pumps.

These O-rings are not compatible with cups that came with a Freestyle Hands-free Breast Pump.

The Hands-free Collection Cups were designed to keep you hands-free for all your multi-tasking needs. With only three parts to clean, they leave you more precious time for all the other things in your busy life.

  • (2) O-Rings

Breast shields and membranes sold separately.


Is the o-ring applied to all breast shield sizes in the Hands-free Collection Cups pack?

No, to reduce waste, the o-rings are assembled or applied only to each of the 24mm breast shields.

To use with another breast shield size, the o-ring needs to be removed from the 24 mm breast shield and reassembled to the alternative size breast shield before use.

Do I have to take out the o-rings off my Hands-free Collection Cups during washing or sanitizing?

During regular washing or sanitizing, you do not need to remove the o-ring from the breast shield.

My Hands-free Collection Cups have an o-ring. What is it and why do I need to know about it?

The o-ring is the silicone component assembled around the breast shield of the Hands-free Collection Cup.

The o-ring:

  • provides a seal between the breast shield and shell / cup
  • prevents milk leakage while in use
  • supports ease of milk transfer from cup to bottle or storage bag
  • is removable to allow transfer between different breast shield sizes and as needed for cleaning

Do the o-rings fit to all breast shield sizes?

Yes. The o-ring fits all breast shield sizes for the Hands-free Collection Cups.

How do I put the o-ring on to a different breast shield size for my Hands-free Collection Cups?

If you would like to use a different breast shield size:

  • Remove the already applied o-ring from the 24 mm breast shield starting by pulling out the bottom tab from the breast shield.
  • Place the o-ring on a different size of breast shield, start from the top of the breast shield
  • Stretch it over the outer edge of the breast shield. Ensure it goes on with the ridges facing outwards.
  • Press along the groove, checking that it is securely in place all the way around.
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