PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields

Shaped Around You. PersonalFit™ Breast shields play a key role in pumping comfort and efficiency. That’s why Medela incorporated the new FLEX™ Technology that’s shaped around you so you can easily adjust the way your breast shield fits to find the most comfortable pumping position with the PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields.
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Features & Benefits

  • New Flex™ Technology That’s Shaped Around You
  • Adaptable design: 105° opening angle is designed to reduce pressure on the breast to optimize comfort
  • More Comfort: The soft rim lays smoothly on the breast for a comfortable, natural feeling
  • Personalized Fit: Oval shape can be rotated 360° for comfortable, flexible positioning
  • Safe for mom and baby: Made of food-grade plastic; made without BPA, natural rubber latex, and phthalates
  • Compatible with all Medela Breast Pumps for Pumping Directly into the storage bottle
  • Available in Four Sizes: 21 mm, 24 mm, 27 mm, and 30 mm

PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields - An Overview

With PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields it’s a whole new pumping experience, personalized for every mom. Find your perfect fit with the PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield that easily adapts the way your breast shield fits to help you find the most comfortable, efficient position to pump.

PersonalFit™ FLEX breast shields are available in 4 different sizes; choose the right size for maximum comfort and pumping efficiency.

This product may also be available at a store near you.

  • (2) PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields
  • Connectors sold separately

90-day limited Warranty

*Refer to instructions for use for additinal warranty terms or call 1-800-435-8316


How does the PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shield yield more milk vs the traditional, 90 degree shields?

The new 105° opening angle and oval shape of the PersonalFit Flex breast shields allows more flexibility for mom to position the shield in different ways while she pumps, based on what’s comfortable for her. When let-down occurs, mom’s milk ducts get bigger – the new shape and angle allows the milk to flow more freely. Changing the opening angle of the flange from 90 degrees to 105 degrees made a difference; it better matched the contour of the breast and reduced compression of the milk ducts, which allows milk to flow more freely through them. This change resulted in increased volume of milk expressed during a pump session -  11.8 percent more overall on average. The 11.8 percent is the average but every mom’s personal experience will differ.

How should I clean my PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields?

The PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields should be washed and sanitized prior to first use. They should continue to be washed after each use and sanitized once daily. Cleaning instructions for the PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields are the same as the cleaning instructions for your other breast pump parts that come in contact with your breast or breast milk; please refer to the breast pump instructions for use for detailed cleaning instructions.

How do I choose the correct size breast shield?

Read our article Breast Shield Sizing: How to Get the Best Fit for more information about choosing the right size breast shield.

What are the PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields made of?

Medela PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields are made of food grade Polypropylene (PP) and Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

What breast pumps can you use the shield with?

PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields can be used with all Medela breast pumps.

Is the material safe for mom and baby?

Yes, the material is made without BPA, natural rubber latex and phthalates.

Where are the Medela PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields produced?

Medela PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields are manufactured in Switzerland, packaged and printed in the U.S.

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